My artwork "Xanthan" has been part of a group exhibition organized by Lemon Frame Gallery in Tel Aviv, titled “In the Locked Garden”, for the entire month of May 2022.
"Xanthan” it is part of the series "A New Planet", in which planets with hypnotic colors, that look as if they were made of sugar, come to life and become deformed within their immobility, before the eyes of the spectator.
These artworks come to light through a digital elaboration of shots that capture textures of sweets and candies, and each is titled with names coming from the sweets industry. They are worlds made of candies in which one may easily get lost, thus developing dependency.
In the series, “Xanthan” is an exoplanet that takes its name from one of the most common ingredients in chewing gum.
For more information visit https://lemonframe.com/art/xanthan/
Xanthan 2022
ED. /15
80×90 cm, HD Print on Aluminum


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