Television has been sending out silent sounds since the middle of the last century.  At first, it was only in our living rooms.  Now it can be found in every corner of our homes and offices, in airports and in train stations, on busses and even in our cars.  It is all-pervasive.
It constantly spits out a silent sound – a subliminal message that hits our subconscious making us want to live someone else’s lifestyle, someone else’s aspirations.  The silent sound occupies an infinitesimal location/moment in the continuum of a space/time dimension, but it leaves an everlasting effect on the mind, encouraging us to be this, or to be that, to get more, to change all… Bigger, better, blonder, thinner…
Once we recognize the silent sound aimed at us, we must apply an effective antidote:  the sound of silence - a calm and motionless deep reflection of the mind.
The Fairest of Them All
Sweet Poison
The Little Politician
Cruelty Free


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