In “Melted”, I depict and give voice to a new generation of girls who, strengthened by their individuality, have revolutionized the concept of beauty.  By creating portraits where faces are completely covered by a molten flow of colors, I emphasize the strength of the female identity.  The colors represent the essence of a woman, an essence which flows outwards, reflecting an inner life with all of its many lively shades.
It is in such a way that I imagine a new planet, depicted by inclusive colors, in which to find refuge, where even the colored aliens that occupy our minds are finally free from the prejudices that enslave them, so that they can finally manifest their full beauty.
Paying special attention to the “Alien”, the one that lives in the world of “The New Planet”, it will be possible to see that it is composed of candies and toys.  They are the elements that make the me feel good.

Candy Girl II

A New Planet II

The Alien


Melted Girl VI

Melted Candies

Candy Girl V

A New Planet

Candy Girl VI

Candy Girl III

Candy Girl VII

Melted Girl 

Candy Girl IV

Candy Girl

Melted Girl III

Melted Candies II

Melted Girl V

Melted Candies III

Candy Girl VIII


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