I called the series “melted” because I like the synonyms of this word.  It can signify that something was made or liquefied by heat.  It can also mean that someone has become more tender or loving. But it can also mean that someone or something has disappeared or left in an unobtrusive manner.  
The series consists of “melted” images where subjects dissolve into each other, at times creating a single new unit.  A girl’s face, contoured by colorful hair, may dissolve into melted candies, where the subject may either be tenderly hiding her face from a new lover or escaping from the routine of a tired love, thus melting into a world of phantasy.
When we melt different items, we often create something new. However, I remain undecided whether melting should be total or if elements of the original materials should remain visible.  For the moment, I’ve chosen the latter.


Melted Girl VI

Candy Girl II

Melted Candies

Candy Girl V

Candy Girl VI

A New Planet

The Alien

Candy Girl III

Candy Girl VII

Melted Girl 

Candy Girl IV

A New Planet II

Candy Girl

Melted Girl III

Melted Girl V

Melted Candies II

Candy Girl VIII

Melted Candies III


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